BLog2 - 3 Financing Methods to Purchase Real Estate and their Benefits

3 Financing Methods to Purchase Real Estate and their Benefits

How exactly does one go about buying a house? What can I do? Are there any other different options to take for these purchases? If these questions are running through your head, then you can stop worrying now.

This article will discuss three different financing methods to purchase real estate, as well as the benefits of each. Read on through and find out what method best suits you.

The All Cash method

When people hear “All Cash”, they instantly think about those briefcases in movies that contain stacks upon stack of bills. While this isn’t totally wrong, the term all cash has a very specific meaning.

When someone says all cash, it is a term that is specific to real estate. It means that the buyer will be purchasing the piece of real estate with their money alone. This means that they will need no financial help from institutions or banks.

finance2 - 3 Financing Methods to Purchase Real Estate and their Benefits

This is seen as the simplest, easiest, and quickest method of purchasing. It is pretty straightforward.

One benefit of the all cash method is that oftentimes, buyers can secure a lower price for the piece of real estate, as well as close the deal quickly.

Sellers are keen on all cash offers as they will not need to wait a long time for a big amount of money.

When the time to pay comes around, there is no need to bring one of those movie briefcases. In these instances, buyers usually transfer the funds to a title company, and the title company ends up paying the seller.

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Delayed Financing

Delayed financing is in a way like all cash. Just like the all cash method, buyers buy a property only with 100% cash that they have. Again, they have no financial help from banks and rely on the all cash offer to win the deal.

They then go into a type of mortgages situation that allows the people who recently bought the house to take money out against it immediately. Previously, there was a minimum of six months to wait for before taking out cash. With delayed financing, that is no longer the case.

In doing so, this helps free up some cash right after your purchase. You can use that cash to make other investments or even re-invest in the house by using it to pay for home renovations.

financ - 3 Financing Methods to Purchase Real Estate and their Benefits

Another benefit is just alleviating the financial risk that the new purchase has given you. They always say that purchasing a property is a big step. Delayed financing allows you a little breathing room after your all the cash you spent.

If you’d like to learn more about delayed financing and even apply for it, check out Guaranteed Rate’s website now.

Portfolio Lenders

Portfolio lenders act pretty much like mortgage lenders. However, there are slight differences.

The loans that portfolio lenders give out is specialized for real estate properties. Therefore, there are different requirements to these such as income and credit levels. Additionally, the portfolio lenders keep the loans in-house, oftentimes using their own money, so they don’t need to adhere to a bank’s strict requirements for example.

We hope you learned some new financing methods for purchasing real estate and that one of them has piqued your interest and lead you to want to explore buying a piece of property.

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