Blog5 - 3 Tips to Make More Money that You May Not Have Thought About

3 Tips to Make More Money that You May Not Have Thought About

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They say that money is hard to come by. That it doesn’t grow on trees. They are right. However, you may be losing some serious potential by not capitalizing on these three tips that you could do so that you could make more money.

This list won’t include obvious ways for you to make more money like changing jobs, asking for a raise, or freelancing. Instead, we’ll explore unorthodox tips that might be right under your nose. Let’s begin.

Clinical Trials

Researchers are always in need of subjects for clinical trials. If you apply, you could be used for a control group or for the experimental group.

Most of you reading this right now would probably think that volunteering for clinical trials is dangerous. In some cases, it could be. It certainly was back in the day.  However, there are a range of categories you could apply for.

There are some for psychological studies. Some clinical trials can be done for anything wrong with you such as arthritis, infections, and any other thing that could be wrong with your body.

For more information on clinical trials that you can apply to, head to for a full list.

mone - 3 Tips to Make More Money that You May Not Have Thought About

Turn to the Internet and Sell Some Items

Some people have so many things lying around that they aren’t using. These items could be worth a lot of money to a lot of people.

All you need to do is go online on eBay or any other online item selling site. It couldn’t be simpler. Just take a nice photo and add an enticing description.

You must make sure that the item does have some value and is in good condition. It could be old electronics, a rare collection of comic books, or even gaming hardware and games that you aren’t using anymore.

There is practically a treasure trove around you if you know where to look.

Make Like Delilah and Cut Some Hair Off

Money may not grow on trees, but it could certainly grow on your head.

Numerous salons and wig companies constantly look for hair samples. Each person has unique hair, which means that there is mostly a market for what you are offering.

In order to sell hair easier, you can visit to find out what they might need, and do it all online.

We hope that in reading these tips you realize that there are opportunities to make money all around you. Keep looking around and find more opportunities to make money.

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