About Bridgeport Habitat

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At Bridgeport Habitat, our mission is to create houses and homes for the good people at Bridgeport Connecticut. While our houses are simple, we believe that all people should have housing that is better than the standard housing units being offered in the market right now. On top of that, we have affordability in mind when we offer and build these houses.

These houses are built solely through the donations of kind people. These include donations in cash as well as donations of volunteers’ time and labor.

We invite everyone to come join our mission and help build these houses. More importantly, in building these houses, not only are we giving people a place to live, but we are also giving them a place to start their future.

Apart from details about our mission and organization, our website contains useful articles on a variety of topics. Chief of these is finance. We are interested in spreading financial awareness that will help people save money for financial investments. Read along to pick up useful information that you could use to either buy houses or prepare for a move.

Bridgeport Habitat is a local body representing the International group Habitat for Humanity. We are a non-profit Christian group.

Our group was founded in 1985 and has been creating numerous homes throughout the years. Come join our mission!