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contriburte - Contribute to Bridgeport Habitat

Despite the many years that we’ve been building houses and working in this industry, we understand that we are still growing and learning as an organization. We understand that it just isn’t possible to know every single thing in the world.

This is why we’d like to invite all interested readers and writers out there to contribute to Bridgeport Habitat. Anyone who wants to contribute can write about the following topics.

Real Estate Knowhow

Are you knowledgeable about facets in the real estate industry? Write an article about any of the many facets included in the real estate industry. These could include best practices to do when moving into a new house, what should be prepared in the new house, or what to expect when making payments.

The real estate industry is massive and there are numerous readers who would like to know more about what to expect here.

Finance-related Topics

As the saying goes, real estate is a big investment. The key word here is “investment”.

In today’s day and age, people need a lot of money to have access to a comfortable place to stay and reside in. Why not share your knowledge about money and finance?

You could write about the general things to do when trying to save money. How about some good investments that could help a person’s money grow? You could even write about the mistakes people do that do not allow them to make a sizable investment.

I’m sure the readers and those moving into our houses will be grateful for the information.


Finally, you could add some articles regarding building houses. What is the best way to build a house? Are there any new techniques being done in the world right now? Perhaps there are mistakes that people do when building a house.

These pieces of information are useful for those in our organization and the volunteers who give their time to build houses.

If you are interested in writing us, contact us here and send us an email stating your interest.