Blog7 - The Top 3 Can’t Miss Sights to See in Bridgeport Connecticut

The Top 3 Can’t Miss Sights to See in Bridgeport Connecticut

Bridgeport Connecticut is a great place to visit, especially when the picturesque sights are taken into consideration. Why not visit Bridgeport Connecticut and see these three can’t miss sights?

The Seaside Park

Beaches are always a great place to visit when on a trip. Seaside Park is one such beach that is different from the normal beaches that are visited.

The difference can be spelled in one word: serenity. While the Seaside Park has the normal lifeguards and parking spots away from the beach, it lacks any sort of food and gift stands that usually litter the beach area.

Seaside Park has also had a history of being a venue for concerts. Did I mention that these concerts are free? Listen to some music as you enjoy your day at the beach. If you’d like to know the schedule of concerts there, visit for more information.

The only thing you’ll see is the beach itself and the beautiful breathtaking view of the horizon. It is a place of peace where you can relax and enjoy the wonders of nature distilled in the Seaside Park.

The Discovery Museum

The Discovery Museum is a great place to go with friends and family alike, especially children. There is quite a lot to do and see here.

For the older children, they can enjoy some games such as basketball. Other children who are interested in the wonders of the universe might be more at home at the Planetarium. There is also an Adventure Park where a ropes course can be taken and mastered.

Additionally, there are science experiments and shows for people to watch. There are many science exhibits that focus on physics, energy, space, nanoscale technology, and experimentation. At certain points, different Sesame Street characters could take the stage there and take part in the science shows.

It could also be a venue for birthday parties and events.

If you’d like to know more about it, visit their website at

It is a true sight for childlike wonder and excitement.

The Housatonic Museum of Art

If art is your thing, then come visit the Housatonic Museum of Art. It houses a comprehensive collection of paintings and artworks. Some belong to renowned painters like Picasso, Warhol, and Matisse.

The fact that this small museum houses significant pieces of artwork opens up an opportunity for appreciation and accessibility. You won’t have to be shoulder to shoulder with many people as is the case in large museums.

In addition, there are also featured artworks from other artists, as well as lectures and even special programs for art enthusiasts.

All of this can be enjoyed without a cost.

Visit their website at to learn more details about the works and programs they offer.

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